Book Review: Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

An unputdownable novel. It centres around four strong characters who really lift off the page – Liz, Jess, Charlotte and Mel. They have all been friends since they were part of the same ante-natal group prior to having their firstborns. When paediatrician Liz treats Jess’ third child for a serious head injury, Liz has no choice but to pick up the phone to social services. Jess insists it was an accident, but not all is as it seems and a police investigation ensues.

I had a strong suspicion about part of the story, but that made this novel even more compelling for me as I waited for the truth to come out. And then came a shock that I really wasn’t expecting. This is a well-observed and feverish read – brilliantly written – yet another winner for the massively talented Sarah Vaughan.

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Little Disasters is available to buy at online bookshops including HIVE and Amazon.