‘Just why the hell am I doing this?’

It’s a question many a writer has asked / screamed at* themselves as the rejections from literary agents pile up, without so much as a longlisting in that competition that cost 20 quid. (*delete as applicable.)

Yep, rejection abounds when you’re a writer – and it’s always a gut-pummelling moment. To help weather the blows, I started this blog. There are posts about how to write, what not to write, and lots of thoughts on how to find a literary agent and land a publishing deal. It took me quite a while, but my debut novel The Maid’s Room will be published by Hodder & Stoughton in November this year.

So don’t give up. Please. Just #KeepWriting. And if you need some inspiration, pull up a chair and take a look around. I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh, and I’m on Twitter  too if you want to follow me.

Fiona Mitchell

Work by Fiona Mitchell:

The Maid’s Room is available to pre-order.

Check out my story ‘Plenty More Where You Came From’, which won the 2015 Frome Short Story Competition.

Read Black Lines in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 8.

The Colour of Mud is published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 7.

Find The Quiet Numb of Nothing in the Bath Short Story Award Anthology.

UFO Dad, was commended in the Yeovil Literary Prize. Read it in the Yeovil Literary Prize Anthology.

My story Sea Gift was shortlisted for the 2016 Bristol Prize and was published in the ninth anthology.

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  1. This page looks like it is a breezing read. It give some thoughtful and intuitive content that could give inspiration to readers and creative writers alike who want to further their passion. It also mentions things to do with published work and literary agents and goes to the extent that would suggest how to go about enlisting the services of a literary agent if one was wanted.

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