I’m the author of The Maid’s Room which will be published by Hodder & Stoughton on 16th November this year. It’s also going to be published by Penguin in Spain, Mondadori Libri in Italy, Rosinante in Denmark and Gyldendal in Norway.


I started writing fiction in 2011, but writing has been part of my life for years, first as a journalist on local newspapers followed by a news agency, then as a features editor on women’s magazines. Before all that, I read English Literature at the University of Sussex.

Journalism fed my urge to write, but whenever I went on holiday, out the notebook came and I’d start planning a novel – a different one every time. I ended up crumpling all of these ideas into the bin.

It was only when I moved to Singapore where I noticed the stark contrast between expats living in luxury and the domestic helpers that worked for them – many of whom were subject to all sorts of harsh rules – that I started to write a novel. And this time I didn’t give up. I couldn’t. Spurred on by the many stories that women working as maids had shared with me, I kept writing. The result is The Maid’s Room.


‘Crafted with a mixture of grim detail, dark humour and poignancy, at times it’s hard to believe that this book is a work of fiction. Genuinely excellent.’ Heat

‘A brilliant and eye-opening read.’ Prima

‘A beautifully written debut that’s both moving and humorous with characters I truly cared about. I loved everything about it!’  – Claire Douglas, Sunday Times bestselling author of Local Girl Missing and Last Seen Alive

A fascinating, thought-provoking and sometimes heartbreaking look at the wealthy ex-pat lifestyle in Singapore and the exploited women who look after the children.’  – Red

‘Touching throughout.’ Grazia

My heart was in my mouth for Tala and Dolly on more than one occasion. It’s a book to read and then read again so that you can appreciate all the nuances.’The Book Bag

‘I loved The Maid’s Room with its exquisite writing, married with a shocking and powerful story line that had me gripped and moved until the uplifting conclusion. A fascinating read about survival and the strength and resilience of the human heart.’Katie Marsh, author of A Life Without You and This Beautiful Life

‘The Maid’s Room is one of those books that got completely under my skin. I cried when I’d finished it and am still in mourning.’ Louise Jensen, best-selling author of The Sister, The Gift and The Surrogate.

Fiona Mitchell

Other work by Fiona Mitchell:

‘Plenty More Where You Came From’, won the 2015 Frome Short Story Competition.

Sea Gift was shortlisted for the 2016 Bristol Prize and was published in the ninth anthology.

Read Black Lines in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 8.

The Colour of Mud is published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 7.

UFO Dad, was commended in the Yeovil Literary Prize.

Read The Quiet Numb of Nothing in the Bath Short Story Award Anthology.

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