January 2018

Good Housekeeping has selected The Maid’s Room as a novel to watch. ‘Shocking. There’s laughter and inspiration to be found here too.’

I gave a talk about The Maid’s Room at the amazing January Riff Raff event alongside authors Tara Westover, Emma Glass, Will Dean and CJ Tudor.



I talked to the Irish Examiner about writing The Maid’s Room.

December 2017

An extract of The Maid’s Room featured as a five-minute read on Boundless.

The wonderful Bristol Prize interviewed me about The Maid’s Room, and asked me how tough my road to publication was. (Answer – very!)

November 2017

The Maid’s Room was a Bedtime Bookclub choice for one week at The Pool.



Red chose The Maid’s Room as one of the best books to read in the Autumn. (It’s also good to read in the Winter, Spring, and Summer – #JustSaying).


A fantastic five-star review from Heat called The Maid’s Room ‘Genuinely excellent.’



The Daily Mail gave The Maid’s Room a big thumbs-up. ‘Passionate. Powerful’.

The Maid’s Room headed a list of Grazia‘s ‘heartfelt’ books with global appeal ‘Touching.’

I talked books with Writing Magazine.


Image magazine chose The Maid’s Room as a favourite read for November. ‘An exhilarating and hopeful read.’

On Magazine reviewed The Maid’s Room. ‘A book with a strong message about the exploitation of migrant workers, which will leave you questioning the way the rich treat the poor.’