Editing Service

Do you keep getting knock-backs from literary agents?

An experienced structural editor, many of the writers who I’ve worked with have gone on to sign with literary agents.

My latest success stories include Sophie Keetch who recently signed with literary agent Marina de Pass of The Soho Agency after I worked with Sophie on her incredible fantasy novel. And Annabel Friedlein signed with literary agent Giles Milburn of Madeleine Milburn Associates after I approached Giles on her behalf with her brilliant historical novel.

As a published novelist, I understand just how tailored your novel needs to be before a literary agent will champion it. When you have been writing your novel for quite some time, it’s often impossible to see what’s not quite working. I am a committed editor and will work on your novel until I’m confident that together we can iron out all its pitfalls and make it shine.

I will look at structure, narrative drive and tension, prose and characterisation as well as all the other elements that make a brilliant novel. No matter what challenges you face, I will be supportive, sensitive and honest. I work with writers at all stages of their careers — beginners, writers on the cusp of submitting to literary agents, and writers already represented by literary agents, who go on to secure lucrative publishing deals.

I am interested in all types of fiction — women’s fiction, character-led fiction, suspense and historical fiction to name but a few genres. I also enjoy memoir.

If you would like to discuss editing projects with me, do please get in contact with me at fionamitchl@hotmail.co.uk or via Blue Pencil Agency.

About me: The Swap and The Maid’s Room are published by Hodder & Stoughton. I am now working on my third novel. I am represented by Rowan Lawton at The Soho Agency.

What clients say:

‘Fiona’s meticulous editorial report and mark-up are exactly what I hoped to have as feedback. I knew a lot of what she pointed out to be possible problems, but I didn’t know where the problems manifested in the text, or how to fix them. Fiona gave me a great deal of insight as to where, what, and how to change things for the better. Thank you so much.’ A.H.

‘My thanks to Fiona for such a thorough and constructive report. She has given me a great deal to think about and some fantastic advice on structure and writing style that I already know will make a massive difference once I’ve worked on a rewrite. It’s also a real eye-opener when you think you’ve made something really clear, only to discover it’s actually not clear at all, and be called out on moments of what in hindsight, can only be described as laziness. Suffice to say I’m very pleased I went ahead with the full edit!’ E.N.

‘Just to let you know that I signed my contract with agent Giles Milburn last week and have begun work on the editorial changes needed to get my book ready for submission. This incredible step is all down to you and my heartfelt thanks for spotting the opportunity and facilitating it.’ A.F.

‘Fiona’s editing took my manuscript to another level. Her attention to detail, knowledge and expertise were evident on every page. Fiona is thorough, clear, yet very encouraging. I would highly recommend her! Thank you, Fiona!’ R.G.

‘I am really pleased with Fiona’s report. It was the detailed feedback that I was looking for as I am a very practical learner, so having examples and advice will improve my writing. I also now realise previous critics of my work were way too kind!’ B.E.

‘Fiona has some great ideas and has definitely picked out the problem areas (which have been a wood-for-the-trees thing for me). The report is very clear.’ B.J.

‘A huge thank you for my editorial report. While it was at first daunting to read all the comments, I am so grateful for such a comprehensive and helpful review. I am still going through it, but I know it has already made a huge difference, from basic formatting to tackling thornier problems.’ J.L.

‘Fiona’s report is so helpful and a lot of the points she’s made are things I had my own doubts about, so it’s great to get her perspective.’ L.A.S.