Book Groups

If your book group is reading The Maid’s Room and you’d like me to come along one evening for a free talk and Q and A session, do get in touch. Alternatively I’m available to do Skype Q and A sessions, as well as answering questions via email. I’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch via email:

Meanwhile, here are some questions to get your book group discussion started:

Which character do you consider to be at the heart of The Maid’s Room?

Who is the most rebellious character – Dolly or Tala?

Dolly is a thief, and is having sex with a man who repulses her – is it ever right to do the ‘wrong’ thing?

Why do some of the ex-pats in this book treat domestic helpers so badly?

To what extent do you think a person’s behaviour can be forgiven because it’s the norm in the surrounding culture?

Amber is deeply flawed, but did you empathise with her at all? Why do you think she procrastinates about taking Colby to the doctor?

Motherhood is a key theme of this book – in what ways does The Maid’s Room examine the many different ways women can be mothers?

Who do you think is really to blame for the car accident?

Did you enjoy the inclusion of Vanda’s rules for maids? Why do you think the author used this device and what impact did it have on you as a reader?

What do you think was the motivation behind the Vanda blog, and does the person who wrote it get what they deserve?



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